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Universidad Pontificia Comillas Diploma
Universidad Pontificia Comillas Diploma

Buy Fake Universidad Pontificia Comillas Diploma, Buy Spain Fake Diploma, Comillas Pontifical University is a Catholic university, run by the Society of Jesus, with headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and campuses in Madrid, Cantoblanco and Ciempozuelos. It was founded in Comillas in 1890. It is one of the most renowned universities in Spain. A large number of managers, businessmen, politicians, jurists, researchers and high-ranking officials of the Spanish Administration have been trained or have taught at it.3 The University is especially relevant for its educational quality: from the Forbes Ranking of the 50 best CEOs in Spain In 2018,4 ten were Comillas alumni. In 2021 Expansión (newspaper) analyzed the training of the CEOs of the 35 most important companies in Spain (IBEX 35), 6 (17%) studied at Comillas (3 ICAI and 3 ICADE)5. These data are significant considering that the number of Comillas students does not reach 1% of university students in Spain. Likewise, numerous senior officials of the Catholic Church, theologians and canonists have passed through its classrooms.

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