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Superb Tips About Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Diploma
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Diploma
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Diploma

Buy Fake Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Diploma, Buy Spain Fake Diploma, The National University of Córdoba (UNC) is a public university in Argentina. It is based in the city of Córdoba. Founded on June 19, 1613, it is the oldest in the country and one of the first in America. His teaching is free, free and secular. The nickname La Docta that Córdoba has, is due to the fact that for more than two centuries it was the only University in the country. It is considered one of the three most recognized institutions in the country, also recognized internationally.34

Financially it depends on the National State, but like any National University, it is autonomous. This autonomy implies that it has the power to manage its budget, elect its authorities and dictate its own regulations in accordance with the national order. Its admission, like that of all Argentine state universities, is free and unrestricted, with the only requirement of passing a leveling course with a grade equal to or greater than 4 (equivalent to 60% of the content evaluated).

Its origin dates back to 1610, when the Society of Jesus created the Collegium Maximum (Maximum College), which served as the basis for higher studies to begin in 1613, although without authorization to grant degrees. On August 8, 1621, Pope Gregory XV, through an Apostolic Brief, granted the Colegio Máximo the power to confer degrees, which was ratified by Felipe IV of Spain through the Royal Decree of February 2, 1622. Said document He arrived in Córdoba in the middle of that year. Pedro de Oñate, Provincial of the Society of Jesus, with the agreement of the professors, declared the University inaugurated. Later, Oñate drafted the regulations that had official validity. With the birth of what is colloquially known as Casa de Trejo, the history of higher education in Argentina is born.

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