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How to Buy Fake Universidad de Lérida Diploma on the Internet
Universidad de Lérida Diploma
Universidad de Lérida Diploma

Buy Fake Universidad de Lérida Diploma, Buy Spain Fake Diploma, The University of Lleida (officially and in Catalan, Universitat de Lleida) is a Spanish public university located in Lleida. She is heir to the medieval General Study of Lérida.

The current university, created by law in 1991, is heir to the institution founded by Jaime II of Aragon in the year 1300 (13th century), with the name of General Study, thanks to a pontifical bull of Boniface VIII granted in 1297.

With the birth of the General Study, a university neighborhood appeared in Lérida where students came from all over the Crown of Aragon and from many other territories, which —as is the case today— provided the city with an environment of special vitality. On the other hand, students and teachers formed a distinguished community with important privileges and immunities, with the parish church of Sant Martí as an emblematic place for the solemn celebrations, and with the financial support of the municipality and the Cathedral Chapter.

In the second half of the 17th century, the universities in Spain experienced a period of decline that would continue until the reign of Felipe V, already in the 18th century. At that time, and once the War of Succession was over, the Bourbon reformers decided to close all the Catalan universities: Barcelona, ​​Gerona, Lérida, Tarragona, Tortosa, Vic and Solsona.4 At the same time, 70 km east of Lérida , created the University of Cervera in gratitude for the support of this city to Philip of Anjou, unlike others, such as Lérida or Barcelona, ​​supporters of Archduke Charles of Austria from the outset. The new university was created on May 11, 1717. A Royal Decree dated October 9 of the same year ordered the closure of the old General Study of Lérida, after 417 years of prolonged existence, and that of the rest of the universities of Catalonia.

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