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Universidad de León Diploma
Universidad de León Diploma

Buy Fake Universidad de León Diploma, Buy Spain Fake Diploma, The University of León (ULE) is a public university based in the city of León, (Spain), and with an additional campus in Ponferrada.

The germ of the university can be found in 1843, when the Normal School of Teachers or Seminary of Teachers of Public Instruction was created, and in the subordinate school of Veterinary Medicine, founded in 1852, laying the foundations of the future Leonese university. It was founded in 1979 as a division of the University of Oviedo, from the various Schools and Faculties that, depending on it, existed for a greater or lesser time in the city of León.

In recent years, the university has signed important collaboration agreements, among which the one signed with the University of Washington stands out, which has allowed the installation in León of the second European headquarters of this university for learning Spanish, with capacity for 500 students. , and the one signed with Xiangtan University, which has led to the establishment of the Confucius Institute in the city.

It is important to emphasize the large number of university degrees that it offers, as well as its continuous improvement in exchange programs with foreign universities. In addition, the university rewards the students with the best record each year, they receive a monetary amount given by companies, which have agreements with the university and in which students can normally carry out their curricular internships.

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