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Buy Universidade Federal de Alagoas (Ufal) Diploma, Buy Fake Ufal Diploma, Buy Brazil Fake Diploma, The Federal University of Alagoas (Ufal) is a federal institution of higher education, located in Maceió, on Campus A.C. Simões and two other campuses in the interior of the State: Campus Arapiraca and its units in Viçosa, Penedo and Palmeira dos Índios and Campus Sertão, headquartered in Delmiro Gouveia and its unit in Santana do Ipanema.

There are around 30,000 students enrolled in the 114 undergraduate courses, distributed in 22 Academic Units, in the capital, and on the Arapiraca and Sertão campuses. In the postgraduate modality, there are 13 specialization courses, 35 master’s degrees and 12 doctorate courses, which have 3,312 students.

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