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Buy Fake NOCN Transcript, Buy UK Fake Transcript, Buy Fake Open College Network Transcript, The National Open College Network (NOCN), formerly known as the Open College Network (OCN), is a United Kingdom organisation developed to recognise informal learning achieved by adults.

The first organisation of this type was created in 1981 in Manchester: the Manchester Open College Federation. Later as more organisations formed across the UK, the term Open College Network was adopted, each distinguished by its home geographical area.

By 2000, there were 31 OCNs that worked in collaboration with NOCN (National Open College Network) that had been setup in 1991 as a formal membership organisation for the regional OCN’s. In 2005, the 31 OCNs were merged to form 11 larger OCNs (nine in England, one in Wales – now Agored Cymru – and one in Northern Ireland) with NOCN acting as an advocate with government.

The OCNs were the first accreditation bodies to use credit as the basis of the award system. Credit was established as the common currency for all OCNs and consistent definitions of four levels of achievement were established. The OCNs continue to offer credit-bearing courses and work-based learning programs, in various centres including schools, colleges, voluntary organisations, community centres, trades unions, prisons, training providers, and employers.

What is a College Transcript?

A college transcript is an academic document usually issued along with a college diploma or degree. It showcases the actual grades a student obtained in all academic courses.

Any person looking at your transcript can easily ascertain the courses in which you performed best and those you were least excellent in. College transcripts also make it easier for prospective employers looking to hire someone to fill a particular position to determine if that person is the right choice for that position.

Even institutions of higher learning use transcripts to pick out the best applicants who want to go to higher academic programs. The institutions can drop those who failed to meet their respective academic qualifications while permitting others to proceed with the higher academic programs.