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Fake Université Paris-XIII Diplôme
Fake Université Paris-XIII Diplôme

Buy Université Paris-XIII Diplôme, Buy Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Diplôme, Buy France Fake Diploma, Sorbonne Paris North University (French: Université Sorbonne Paris Nord) is a public university based in Paris, France. It is one of the thirteen universities that succeeded the University of Paris in 1968. It is a multidisciplinary university located in north of Paris, in the municipalities of Villetaneuse, Saint-Denis, La Plaine Saint-Denis, Bobigny and Argenteuil.

Successively named “Université Paris XIII”, “Université Paris-Nord”, “Université Paris 13 Paris Nord”, then “Université Paris 13”, it has been known by several names during the last half century. Most recently it was renamed “Université Sorbonne Paris North” on January 1, 2020.

The University Sorbonne Paris Nord is a major teaching and research center located north of Paris. It has five campuses, spread over the two departments of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise: Villetaneuse, Bobigny, Saint-Denis, the Plaine Saint-Denis and Argenteuil.

The university has more than 25,000 students in initial or continuing training, in many fields: Health, Medicine and Human Biology – Letters, Languages, Humanities and Societies – Law, Political and social sciences – Communication sciences – Economics and management.

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