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Fake Universidade Aberta Diploma

Buy Fake Universidade Aberta Diploma, Buy Portugal Fake Diploma, Universidade Aberta (UAb) is a public Portuguese distance education university. Pioneer in distance higher education in Portugal, it was founded in 1988 and it has been promoting actions related to higher education and continuous training. It has also contributed to developing important know-how that allows it to be the biggest provider of online courses in the country.

At present UAb is considered to be amongst the European mega-providers of e-learning, playing a prominent role in 1st and 2nd cycle (graduation and master’s) educational offering. It also has PhD programs. UAb’s Pedagogical Model is based on e-learning and on the intensive use of new tools for online communication, collaboration and learning.

Part of its duties are to conduct research, to support the participation of their teachers and researchers in scientific institutions and to promote cooperation and cultural, scientific and technical exchanges with similar national and foreign institutions.

The UAb currently hosts research units: LE@D (The Distance Education and e-Learning Lab – research center dedicated to distance education, innovation and ICT); the CEMRI (Research Centre on Migrations and Intercultural Relations), and the extension of the Centre for Research in Art and Communication (CIAC), University of Algarve.

UAb promotes the exchange of knowledge with the academic world, through the institutional hosting of PhD students and masters, research fellows, sharing of scientific equipment, acting also as the host institution of national and international scientific scope projects, led by researchers from UAb.

UAb (Open University Portugal) offers 48 e-learning courses including 9 post-graduation courses, 12 undergraduate courses, 20 Master degree courses and 7 PhD courses to 6400 students, 5080 undergraduates, 14% of them foreign students. UAb also provides lifelong learning study programs. All the courses are taught with a unique Virtual Pedagogical Model.

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