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Get Canada Passport Online, Buy Fake Canada Passport, Buy fake Passport, A Canadian passport (French: passeport canadien) is the passport issued to citizens of Canada. It enables the bearer to enter or re-enter Canada freely; travel to and from other countries in accordance with visa requirements; facilitates the process of securing assistance from Canadian consular officials abroad, if necessary; and requests protection for the bearer while abroad.

All Canadian passports are issued through the Passport Program of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Prior to 1 July 2013, Canadian passports were issued through Passport Canada, an independent operating agency of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.[6] Passports are normally valid for five or ten years for persons 16 years of age and older, and five years for children under 16. In 2022, 70% of Canadians had passports, with over 24.6 million passports in circulation. Although held by individual citizens, all Canadian passports legally remain the property of the Crown and must be returned to the Passport Program upon request.

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Fake Canada Passport

What is the content of the passport information page?

  • Photo of the passport holder
  • Type (Type): P
  • Issuing Country (Pays émetteur): listed as “CAN” for “Canada”
  • Passport No. (Nº de passeport): 2 letters and 6 numbers
  • Surname (Nom)
  • Given Names (Prénoms)
  • Nationality (Nationalité): Canadian nationality marked as “Canadian/Canadienne” in both English and French
  • Date of Birth (Date de Naissance)
  • Sex (Sexe): “M” for Male, “F” for Female
  • Place of Birth (Lieu de Naissance): the city and three-letter country code are listed, even if born inside Canada
    • Note: Province or State is required on the application form, if applicable, but is not listed in the passport.
  • Date of Issue (Date de délivrance)
  • Issuing Authority (Autorité de délivrance)
  • Date of Expiry (Date d’expiration)

The information page ends with the Machine Readable Zone.