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Buy Aalto-yliopisto Degree Certificate, Buy Fake Aalto University Degree Certificate, Buy Finland Fake Diploma, Aalto University was formed on 1 August 2009 from the merger of three top universities in their respective fields — Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, and Helsinki University of Art and Design. Tuula Teeri became the first president of Aalto University.

Aalto University is a foundation based university. The FOUNDATION WILL RAISE 700 MILLION EUROS BY 2010:500 MILLION FROM THE Finnish GOVERNMENT AND 200 MILLION FROM THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY, COORDINATED BY THE FEDERATION OF Finnish CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. It was officially named Aalto University in honor of the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Aalto University School of Art and Design is an international school dedicated to design, audio-visual communication and art education. It offers multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programs in art, design, new media, art education, visual culture, film, animation and product design.

Aalto University Business School is the largest and leading business school in Finland, offering a world-class learning and research environment in the business sector. At present, The School of Economics has one of The world’s top three concurrent certifications for business management education, namely AMBA (Association of MBAs) issued by The United Kingdom, EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System) issued by Europe, and AACSB issued by The United States. There are now only 35 universities in the world that have received all three accreditations. The Aalto University School of Economics offers bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral programs in a broad range of economics, as well as an MBA program in business. The School of Economics has two campuses, with the main campus located in the centre of Helsinki. On this campus, the School offers Bachelor’s and 15 master’s programs, including the European Union Master’s program CEMS MIM. The Mikkeli campus is located in Mikkeli city, 230 kilometers from Helsinki.

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