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Transcript Requirements

Buy fake Ontario Student Transcript, Buy Canada Transcript, Official transcripts are required for each high school, university, college, CEGEP, junior college, graduate school, or other post-secondary institution that you currently attend, previously attended, or withdrew from.

This includes transcripts for:

  • Work has taken on Letter of Permission
  • Transfer credit
  • Exchange program credit

To be official, transcripts must meet these criteria:

  • be sent directly from the registrar’s office
  • be either:
    1. printed on the institution’s official transcript paper and imprinted with the school’s seal and/or bear the appropriate signatures or
    2. sent electronically, where that procedure is established.

What is a Transcript?
Transcripts are issued by academic institutions to verify and acknowledge the courses you undertook and the marks you obtained in them. All Institutions generally follow a standard format for the transcript:
• Name of the Issuing Academic Institution
• Accreditation of the Academic Institution
• Name of the Student
• Roll Number/Identity of the Student