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Instructions for our ——– driver’s license

DESIGN – We used the latest template the DMV used in 2019 to create our North Carolina ID and driver’s license.
Printing – Bendable Teslin.
Graphical Features: Guilloche – Intense technique for duplicating safety lines on the front.
The blue ribbon that goes through the ID matches the actual blue ribbon.
The horses in “PENNSYLVANIA STATE SEAL” are printed perfectly.
Ultraviolet Elements: The intricately curved coiled wire pattern on the top and bottom of the ID is visible under black light. The “Keystone” symbol is repeated on the ID’s background in UV ink, followed by a 1:1 scale upside-down symbol.
Does it scan? : Yes, 1D codes are used for inventory purposes. The 2D QR barcode allows it to scan and include the cardholder’s demographic information.

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