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Buy fake Carte grise française, Buy fake certificat d’immatriculation, Buy France fake certificate, Certificat d’immatriculation is the new name of the Carte grise française. It is a document that serves as a policy title, that is, it identifies the vehicle with which it is associated. As its name suggests, it is used to register a vehicle and authorize its circulation on public roads. All motor vehicles, as well as trailers with a gross vehicle weight (PTAC) greater than 500 kg, must be registered and have a gray card. The motor vehicles affected are:

Particular Cars ;
Vans and utilities;
Camping car ;
Tractor and other agricultural machinery;
Quadricycles, including quads;
2 wheels and scooters, including scooters with a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cm³;
Mopeds and tricycles.

What is a gray card in France?

The term “gray card” means in France the registration certificate. The French registration certificate (carte grise) is mandatory for French and foreign drivers domiciled in France wishing to travel on public roads in France or resell their vehicles.

What can go wrong if a French registration certificate is lost or stolen?

n case of loss or theft of a French registration certificate (gray card), you can no longer drive on the public road with your vehicle or sell it.

What fields are mentioned in a registration certificate?

Among the (very) numerous information contained on a gray card, here are the interesting ones:

  • A: Registration number.
  • B: Date of first registration of the vehicle (i.e. the date of first entry into service).
  • C.1: Last name, first name of the owner.
  • C.3: Complete the address where the vehicle is registered.
  • D.1: Make of the vehicle.
  • D.3: Commercial name, commercial name of the vehicle (model).
  • F.1: Technically permissible maximum laden mass, except for motorcycles (in kg). This mass is established by the manufacturer, formerly known as the P.T.A.C. :
  • Total weight allowed in charge.
  • P.1: Cylinder capacity (in cm3).
  • P.2: Maximum net power (in kW).
  • P.6: National administrative power or “fiscal horsepower”.
  • S.1: Number of seats including the driver’s seat.
  • X.1: Date of the next technical inspection on the date of issue of the gray card.