In recent years, the United States "educational road map". buy USA university diploma

 Local time February 7, the United States President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) nominated Minister of Education Betsy De Vos (Betsy DeVos) officially took office. Next, the US education policy will also be a new change.

We chose to look back at the education route of the former US President Barack Obama during this administration. The first African-American president of the history, has repeatedly Thanksgiving on their own life and development play a decisive role in the "education". It is because of this "Thanksgiving education" feelings, during his tenure introduced a series of education bills and education regulations.

In 2009, under the influence of the economic crisis, the US industry was seriously hit, as the public service system in the cause of education has also been a serious trauma. The United States at all levels of government funding for education to reduce, resulting in many schools appear school funding, staff workers laid off, lower school level and so on.

In order to make the United States out of the economic crisis, February 17, 2009, Obama signed the "2009 US Recovery and reinvestment Act" (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009). buy USA university transcript. This is Obama's first White House signed the first decree. Among them, education is given priority to the development of the position. buy USA university certificate. The bill provides that the US federal government invested 787 billion US dollars to save the US paralyzed economy, of which 115 billion US dollars (12.7% of the total) for investment education, which is the US federal government investment in the largest investment in the field. The investment covers all aspects of basic education from higher education to higher education. The investment projects include state finance stabilization fund, first fund of primary and secondary education law, Pell Scholarship of higher education, early childhood investment project fund, Technology to promote education "funds and many other areas. The bill makes clear provisions on the investment and use of education funding.
In November 2009, the US Department of Education promulgated the "Race to the Top Program Executive Summary", officially announced the "strive for the upstream plan" began to implement. buy USA university diploma. The plan is a response to the 2009 US Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Obama administration launched a total of $ 4.35 billion in education reform funding, its main purpose is to support poor children with disabilities, to promote the national education system reform. The plan is the Obama administration for the implementation of education policy in the United States is not in place, low level of education and other issues raised. The main contents include improving the educational standards, standardizing the evaluation system, improving the teaching database system, increasing the effectiveness of teaching, promoting the professional development of teachers and principals, strengthening the government intervention and transforming the weak schools. The "Strive for the Upstream Plan" requires states to apply for educational reform in the region, and through a series of screening criteria to obtain education funding, and ultimately to promote the state education reform purposes. As Mr Obama said in his statement to the Ministry of Education: "This competition is based on the fact that the states can make some tangible results, and those states that are outstanding are likely to win funding for education, so that not all states are eligible And not every school district is satisfied with the outcome of the competition, but this form of funding will make the education of the US states more dynamic, the American children, the American economy and the United States itself will benefit from it.